The sites below are links to various people who have shared their knowledge,  been a teacher to or are related in some way with our little pack of Shelties.

  The Sheltie Pacesetter Magazine  
  Flying Dog Press articles and information about training, behavior, health and a variety of neat stories about  dogs.
  The Canadian Kennel Club  
  Shetland Sheepdog Club of BC  
  Canuck Dogs Of Canada your one stop  for dog event information.
  EPRD Web Design thanks to Judy Bohnert for putting up our web site.
  PETA Kills Animals their dirty little secret.
  View an Amish Auction HERE When we buy a pet or even shop at a store that sells puppies, we contribute to a heartless underground industry that forces dogs to spend their entire lives in cages constantly breeding to support consumer demand for puppies.
  Donna Bradley an excellent obedience teacher for competition or a happy well behaved family pet
  Agility Association of Canada  
  Harold Smith equipment for agility

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