There aren’t many dogs
like you, my friend.
You’re always at my side.
Your eyes are a window
to catch a glimpse
of a gentle soul inside.
My furry friend, for you my heart
is always open wide.
 When I am down you snuggle close
and ease my troubled mind.
A game of catch a hearty walk,
Soon melts the daily grind.
My furry friend, a better friend
I know I’ll never find.
You’re faithful, patient, honest, true
My furry  friend
I cherish you!
by Karen Burniston


Though he was not a champion in the show rings to us
Tonto was the best. Our wonderful big boy.
Always in our hearts.


   Charley came and stayed with us for almost a year and a half and is the foundation girl of our sheltie family.  She is a sweet heart of a dog who loved to be by my feet as I worked at the computer or a surprise “uppy” on my lap for quick kisses and a hug. 

  Charley has now gone back to live with the Sunnygate Clan and left behind a small empty spot that no other girl will fill.


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